Wildlife Curriculum Launch

Friday, September 30th was a great day for Tasmanian Wildlife.
Learning Services South ran their Science Co-Ordinators Network Meeting and Greg Irons and Bianca Cassimaty from Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary had an hour session in which to launch  their learning packages.  The packages aim to assist teachers to introduce Tasmanian Native Animals into the class room.  The teachers were asked to perform the grade 5 activity on native animal adaptations.  This proved rather challenging for most to be able to access the information for the answers.  The work that Bianca and Greg had done to provide the relevant information on amazing adaptations of our natives animals was warmly received when the answer sheets were given out.  The enthusiasm in the room was amazing.  The when and how do we access these packages questions were everywhere.

WITT provided part of the funding for the development of these packages, that are still under construction.  WITT looks forward to the growth of this project to empower the children of today to have the knowledge to “care” for our native animals in the future.  WITT also provided some funding towards the catering for the LSS education day.