WITH 7th Birthday & AGM Review

A wonderful night was had by all that attended the newly refurbished Town Hall. In one of the beautiful chandelier rooms the new committee was voted in and Jane Richardson President from 2014-2016 stepped down. Jane’s President’s report reminded everyone of what a busy year WITH had and the progress of our student Scholarships. Lots of yummy food and drinks and great company!  The cutting and eating of the sumptuous birthday cake prepared by Jean Pascal topped the evening.

The new Committee are Jane Johnston President, Rita Warrener Vice President,  Helen Hopwood Secretary, Pam Nichols Treasurer, 3 members Sally Deane (Founder), Kerry Scrambler and Amie Nichols.

We are all very excited to have new members join us and to continue the networking at our amazing functions. with-past-president with-ladies-town-hall with-town-hall-marg-and-blinky-billwith-birthday-cakewith-committee