WITH Tas 2022 Student Scholarship winners announced

Meet two outstanding young women

The WITH interview panel were once again impressed with the high calibre of young women aspiring to be part of our tourism and hospitality industry.

Whilst our winner was a standout applicant, the WITH Committee agreed with the panel's recommendation for an Encouragement Award.

A heartfelt congratulations to Eve Wang and Yoana Lemonnier.

Eve Wang - Scholarship Winner

The interview panel was impressed with Eve's presence saying she has "an amazingly positive spirit and energy that lights up the room, and lifts up those around her".

Her passion for food, sense of community and ethos of working hard to achieve her goals and dreams were also very evident.

After spending seven years in Tawain working in sales & marketing for the IT industry, Eve moved to Melbourne before visiting Tasmania and falling in love with the people, relaxed lifestyle and sense of community.  And the food - she believes Hobart is a true 'food paradise'.

Eve is currently studying a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery at Frontier Education with her eyes firmly set on developing her own brand of uniquely Tasmanian croissant products. Indeed, she is already perfecting her recipe and has established a small business. Perhaps a reflection of Eve's character is that she chose croissants because she recognises the "dedication and knowledge required to create a perfect French croissant".

A strong sense of community radiates from this young woman who has a passion to serve and and help people and her goal is to eventually donate a percentage of the profits from her business to organisations who help the vulnerable and raise awareness.

In her application Eve said this this scholarship "will allow me to continue studying and working towards my dream of being able to bring success to the business and to help those in need within my community."

The WITH Committee looks forward to welcoming Eve to a WITH Tas event soon.

Yoana Lemonnier - Encouragement Award winner

Yoana completed her Certificate III in Hospitality in July 2021 and is now studying for an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality, Tourism and Events at Drysdale TasTAFE.

Originally from France, the field of wine and spirits has long attracted Yoana but it wasn't until she worked as a farm-hand on a vineyard in the NSW wine region of Orange that the first flickers of a career in hospitality beckoned.

Meeting the Australian winemakers who loved to share their knowledge, skills and passion, inspired Yoana to learn more so she started working for Master Sommelier David Collins in the multi awarded and hatted restaurant Charred Kitchen and Bar. Yoana says that David is a wonderful source of inspiration for his humility and the way he raises hospitality to the level of art.

So, whilst it was in Central West of NSW where she realised hospitality was her calling, she says  "Tasmania is where I decided to call this land home". Beginning with the Certificate III and working for over a year at Hobart's iconic Landscape Restaurant, Yoana is now working to fulfil her long held dream of becoming a Sommelier.

The panel noted that whilst her wine-tasting journey is taking a break whilst she and her partner have their first child, Yoana continues to study, taking on the Advanced Diploma  as she see it as "perfectly linked to a Sommelier position since it also involves training in the area of stock management and the management of venues and cellar doors. In addition, the diploma gives us tools for entrepreneurship which is, in my mind, one of the most rewarding goals in a career."

The WITH Committee is looking forward to welcoming Yoana Lemonnier to a WITH event soon.