Reflections from Virtual Cuppas

Cuppa One and Cuppa Two

Ruth Forest MLC and Robyn Moore were guests at our first two 'round table' Cuppas and the conversations certainly ranged far and wide.

From government support to the emotional rollercoaster we were suddenly thrown on and everything in between - they had everyone at the coffee table focussed!

Here’s a snippet of the questions, comments and tips that were part of the confabs:

  • Pivoting – will people pivot or exit tourism?
  • The polar reactions to COVID-19 – denial, devastation, anger, enthusiasm, innovation – there is such a diverse range of emotional reactions during a challenging time.
  • Snapback – will we/can we snapback or will we face a “new normal”?
  • When do we start to think about what we are going to do?
  • Will it be difficult to find skilled labour when businesses return to operation?
  • Diversification in businesses – innovation and creativity on show.
  • Pastoral care of women in our industries – women taking care of women.

Most of all:

  • Keep all the good bits and take this into the future.
  • It really is OK not to be OK.
  • Resilience, kindness, inspiration and innovation are around us.
  • We are all weathering the same storm, but we are not in the same boat.
  • I'm unemployed for the first time in 35 years!
  • We are on a rollercoaster and wherever we are on that rollercoaster* is 'normal' – staying on the ride is healthy.
  • YOU are the author of how you wake up each day.
  • Breath….

Stay tuned for some tips and stories about coping, maybe pivoting (surely a word of the times!), surviving and even thriving through this historic point in time.

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* See Robyn Moore’s uplifting explanation of the rollercoaster here, it’s a great way to understand how we feel, when we feel like it and how we might feel next.

Tawny Frogmouth - Bonorong Wildlife Park Photo: Poon Wai Nang